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Good Pranks Gone Bad

As it is getting closer to Halloween and missing my mother who died last November, I am remembering a time when I was six years old. My mother was the best mom anyone could have. She had playful intentions and didn't think about how it would affect me.  She thought it would be funny an amusing prank.

My father worked afternoons and she loved to watch horror movies but wanted company.  She would let me stay up and sort of forced me to watch them with her. This one night we watched a trilogy of terror where this one-foot voodoo Zuni African hunter doll comes alive.  He starts stabbing this woman named Ameila.  I was frighten about this terrifying doll.  My mother told me that it was fake.  It didn't matter to me, I was still scared.

After the movie, I went to the bathroom before going to bed for the night. My mother would be waiting for me in my bedroom. When I went into my room my mother thought it would be funny if she hid behind my bed with my favorite baby love notes doll and with the doll come out like the voodoo Zuni hunter doll from the movie. I was scared beyond you could ever imagine and never wanted that doll again.  Prank gone bad.  I made my mother get rid of that doll.  She put it in the basement hoping that one day I would change my mind.   I never did.  She told me over and over again that the movie was fake.  Dolls don't come to life.  The doll ends up being sold in a garage sale. 

As I got older we often talked about it and I told her that it was a horrible thing that she did.  I was scarred for life. She felt terrible.


Even now as an adult, I don't care for horror movies especially ones with dolls that come to life.  I am scared of the basement, being alone outside in the dark and have nightmares.  My husband, on the other hand, loves them.  Our dog Buck gets scared during horror movies and will leave the room.

This is the 1974 baby love notes doll similar to the one that I had.  I found this one on eBay such a sweet doll that played "Mary had a little lamb".

 1974 Baby Love Notes

This is the Zuni fetish doll that I found online Wikia

 Zuni Fetish Doll
From the Movie Ameila
 Trilogy of Terror

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My husband, Mark and I started to watch "it" horror movie, I made "it" until pennywise takes Georgie. I read the plot summary of the movie and I am content with that. A lot of people are buying the pennywise clown Halloween costume. Who will you scare?

How about you do you enjoy horror movies? Did anyone ever play a prank on you that scarred you for life? 

RIP in mom 11-22-17 and dad 12-30-16
Until next time....