8pcs Super Shamwow Shammys Washing Kitchen Towel Cleaning Wiping Rags

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  [product advantage] :4Big(size 50X60mm), 4 small (size 38X38mm)
1. The cleaning cloth is made of 100% natural wood fiber special technology, dry and wet, easy to remove oil stains, water stains, dust, leaving no trace.

2, wet and soft, comfortable, special process refined, oil absorption, water imbibition is strong, does not damage items, not moldy, not smell, don't hide scale, not breed bacteria that have antibacterial, antibacterial function, no stimulation, no mildew. Can be widely used in glass, household appliances (TV, computer, etc.) dust on the surface of the screen, furniture, floor and so on (dry brush), kitchen, living room, bathroom, hotel, etc.

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